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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does an evaluation cost so much?

Evaluations initially take 4-5 hours client-facing, cost of testing materials and scoring, administrative time obtaining medical/school records, collateral interviews, report writing, and follow-up meeting with the client to go over the report findings and recommendations for treatment. Some evaluations will take more time depending on the complexity of the case. An evaluation typically can take anywhere from 10 to 30+ hours to complete. All of our evaluations are administered and completed by doctoral-level psychologists.

Why should I have my evaluation performed by a licensed psychologist?

A licensed psychologist (Ph.D. or PsyD) has been expertly trained and has extensive experience in administering and interpreting specialized tests. While others may be qualified to administer testing, they should also be trained and certified to interpret the results. If anyone other than a licensed psychologist is administering testing, be sure to ask who will be interpreting the results and writing the report. Licensed psychologists should be involved in conducting not only specialized testing, but also specialized clinical interviews, questionnaires, and surveys. Licensed psychologists should be involved in every aspect of your evaluation. While less qualified professionals may legally be allowed to administer some testing and do some assessments, the product will most likely be less thorough and less reliable. 

Why won't insurance pay for my evaluation?

Most evaluations we do are considered not "medically necessary" in the eyes of the insurance companies. Some testing may qualify for reimbursement, but most insurance companies will require prior authorization before they will cover anything. We are also an Out of Network provider. Please contact us if you need further clarification on specific testing or services. 

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