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MC is a licensed clinical mental health counselor and a licensed clinical addictions specialist. MC earned her master's degree in counseling from Wake Forest University in 2015 and has extensive experience working with clients presenting with mental health and substance use concerns. MC works with adolescents, young adults, and mature adults using a trauma-informed approach to address challenges surrounding interpersonal relationships, mood disorders, substance use, and life transitions.


MC provides comprehensive counseling services that not only address presenting concerns, but also explore potential barriers to recovery and wellness in each life domain. MC employs a person-centered approach, using evidenced-based practices tailored to each client's goals, needs, and preferences. In addition to individual sessions, she also provides ongoing coordination with various stakeholders in clients' lives such as medical providers, community supports, family, and attorneys, as needed.

Services Provided

  • comprehensive individual psychotherapy

    • individual sessions ​

    • care coordination with medical providers, educational institutions/employers, legal representation, etc.

    • connection with community resources 

    • referrals for additional services

    • incorporation of primary supports and/or family members 

  • substance use outpatient psychotherapy 

    • monitoring through drug screening available on site ​

Licensure Boards 

Click buttons below to access licensure board websites to verify licensure and obtain additional information regarding client rights and contact information should you have any questions or concerns. 

To Contact MC

Phone: (336)276-1278 ext. 300 


*Go to contact tab to complete contact form for requesting services and/or additional information. 

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