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Emily Watson, LCMHC, LCAS, NCC, CTP

Emily joined the Carolina Psychology Group team late 2021 and is dually licensed in both mental health and substance use, with a certification in trauma. Emily has a broad range of experience providing quality care for adults with severe mental health and substance use disorders in a comprehensive setting. Emily is trained in evidence-based practices  including but not limited to CBT, DBT, solution-focused, and motivational interviewing, and tailors her approach to the specific needs of the client. Emily provides individual counseling services including case support, care coordination, and connections to community resources. Please complete the contact form to discuss current availability. 

Services provided:

  • comprehensive individual psychotherapy

    • individual sessions ​

    • care coordination with medical providers, educational institutions/employers, legal representation, etc.

    • connection with community resources 

    • referrals for additional services

    • incorporation of primary supports and/or family members 

  • substance use outpatient psychotherapy 

    • monitoring through drug screening available on site ​

Licensure and Professional Certification Boards  

Click buttons below to access licensure board websites to verify licensure and obtain additional information regarding client rights and contact information should you have any questions or concerns. 

To contact Emily Watson

Phone:  (336)276-1278 ext. 500


*Go to contact tab to complete contact form for requesting services and/or additional information. 

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